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'Just For You' Consulting Services, Inc.


Our Goal Is To Have All Business Owners Be Unburdened In Regards To The Integrity & Completeness Of Their Accounting Data & Business Operations

Customized Training Plans and Support Plans

Initial Setup or Cleanup of existing data available as well.

Training is customized to meet your needs and tailored for you and your pesonnel.

We start off with an indepth interview and conversation to help deternine what your needs are.  Pricing is dependent on your individual situation.  We put together three pricing options specifically tailored to you.

The services include from setup of your system to getting the staff ready to use the accounting system.

We will also help you determin which is the best set of tools that would be right for your business.


Once we have evaluated your needs for ongoing support, we will again offer 3 levels of support plans.  The plans will be setup to suit your individual needs.  You choose the one that is best for you.